If you are in where the general public frequent and the plumbers present, then you will need public liability insurance. Plumbers public liability insurance protects you from legal and medical costs that arise from an incident on your property caused by plumber(s), even if you are not to blame. General business insurance also covers you for public liability but only to a degree. Public liability insurance has become increasingly popular with an increasingly number of liability lawsuits being filed every year.

Who is a potential candidate for plumbers public liability insurance?

Plumbers Public liability insurance protects you, and your business, from financial loss caused by injury to a member of the public at your place of business resulting from plumbers’ accidents or failures in public. Public liability insurance has become broader with liability cases going to court with spurious claims being made against incidents not related to negligence and also due to damage of goods. This has made public liability insurance even more necessary.

What does a plumbers public liability insurance policy cover?

Plumbers public liability insurance covers you if a member of the public is injured on your premises due to plumbers’ mistake or negligence. Your insurance policy will cover all legal and medical costs.