Owning a campervan or motorhome can be a great way to explore Australia with a family. Just like with your personal vehicle, your motor home or recreational vehicle (RV) will need to be insured. Unlike your car or truck, a motorhome provides a home-away-from-home atmosphere that has additional insurance needs.

Who is a potential candidate for Motor Homes insurance?

Anyone who drives a campervan or motorhome should carry an insurance policy. While some car insurance policies will cover you no matter what you’re driving, for the protection of your passengers and everything you’re carrying in the motorhome for your trip, you need to have an actual motorhome policy. This sort of insurance cover also provides assistance in the event of a breakdown.

What typically does Motor Homes insurance cover?

While Motor Homes insurance can vary widely from one insurance company to the next, there are some points that are standard:

  • Personal and third party liability, to cover you, your passengers, and any other vehicle, person or property that may be damaged in an accident.
  • Comprehensive cover for repairs to the RV after an accident, typically including windscreen replacement.
  • Contents cover.